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Our thing is providing you with the tools, and resources, to remove what stands between families and creating the healthiest - and happiest - family life possible.

We enrich the lives of families through scientific yet practical techniques designed to help them thrive and cultivate a fabulous family life.

Who We Are

Raising a family is the most important job a person could ever have. But more often than not, expectant parents find themselves unprepared for parenthood and family life. To have a successful and fabulous family life, prevention and preparation are key.


Human HQ® helps prepare families for a future full of possibilities. We future-proof the human race by helping enrich family lives and prevent problems before they occur.


We equip parents with the right knowledge, principles and tools so that nothing will hold them back from having a fabulous life that every family deserves. With our formula for parenting success, the results are positive mental health, peace of mind, and thriving lives for the whole family.

Meet Our Founder

Hello! My name is Suni.


I founded Human HQ® – the umbrella that houses different initiatives for the empowerment of human beings and to effect a paradigm shift in the understanding of parenthood and family life.

Becoming a parent? You ' re going to need this!

Welcome to Parenthood

You can wing it, hope for the best and wait for your kid to get older before you try to fix any problems (at which point, it could be too late).

Or you can prepare and know that you've done everything in your power to support your child's mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, while also honouring your own individuality, plans, aspirations, goals and needs.


This book addresses the steps you need to take to start designing your family life in a self-aware way, starting off on the right foot. It answers important practical questions such as :


  • What is family?

  • Does physically giving birth make me a parent?

  • What is our job description?

  • Why are we – as humans – even worth sustaining?

Praise for Welcome to Parenthood

Society has experienced so much change in recent years and yet expectant parents continue to underestimate the knowledge, skills, education and preparation required when it comes to starting a family. Fortunately, Suni has produced a book that reminds expecting parents, in a non-judgemental, good-humoured and honest way, of the importance of starting off on the right foot.The ‘real perfect parent manifesto’ should be the new commandments for parents-to-be. This is a wise read for parents.’

Kirsty Levin, Mama, Psychologist, Career Coach and Co-Founder of The Parents Village, Randwick, Australia

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