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Welcome to Human HQ® where 

families with children are empowered and supported with top knowledge, strategies, tools and tips, that work.  


We remove what stands between families and creating the healthiest - and happiest - family life possible. 

To start you off, find out what are the:


We enrich the lives of families through evidence-inspired, evidence-informed and evidence-based, practical techniques designed to help you thrive and cultivate a fabulous (healthy & harmonious) family life.


Who We Are

Guiding another human being is one of the most important jobs a person could ever have. But more often than not, expectant and prospective parents find themselves unprepared for parenthood and family life.

To have a successful and fabulous family life, prevention and preparation are key.


At Human HQ® we future-proof the human race by helping enrich family lives and prevent problems before they occur. 

Also by supporting those who are already going through challenging times.


We equip parents with the right knowledge, principles and tools so that nothing will hold them back from having a fabulous life that every family deserves.

With our formula for parenting success, the results are positive mental health, peace of mind, and thriving lives for the whole family.

Meet Our Founder

Hello! My name is Suni.


I founded Human HQ® – the umbrella that houses different initiatives for the empowerment of human beings and to effect a paradigm shift in the understanding of parenthood and family life.