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At HumanHQ® we believe that parents hold the key to peace in the world.

And that preparation is key.

And this goes beyond knowing how to change a nappy/diaper or feeding a baby.


It's about having the knowledge, tools, resources, and mentorship to build a healthy relationship with our child from day one; 


to support your, and your baby's physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing; and to create a healthy and harmonious environment. 


If you truly want to give your baby the best start in life, and for your child to grow up in a positive environment, regardless of the set of gene's they've got dealt with, you've come to the right place.

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Who We Are

We work in partnership with expectant parents, parents of children 0-7 year of age and individuals wondering if parenting is right for them, through Parent Education and Child Development Expertise. 

Our Vision

Every child and parent in this world empowered, valued, accepted, acknowledged and completely thriving and in love with life.

Our Values

We promote the understanding that how we value children has a direct impact on our regard for them, our behaviour towards them, the priority we give their rights and needs, and the lives they experience. We are fierce parents' and children's champions.

Our Commitment

We are an evidence-informed, evidence-inspired and evidence-based organisation using the latest scientific research as well as working with innovative, revolutionary and creative thinkers-experts in their field to support families in raising healthy and thriving human beings. To design fabulous family lives.

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