At HumanHQ® we believe that parents have the key to peace in the world and we are committed to evolution and to empowering families in creating a fabulous family life. Preparation is key. And this goes beyond learning how to change a nappy/diaper or feeding a baby.


It's about having the knowledge, the tools, the resources and the mentorship to build a healthy relationship with our child from day one; To create a harmonious family environment; To support your and baby's physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing.


If you want to truly give your baby the best start in life and for your child to grow up differently than how you did, you've come to the right place.

Consider this: ‘Every other occupation, from driving a truck to performing surgery, requires months or years of training. Only for the job of raising children do we expect that love will be enough.

But, sometimes it isn't. Parents also need skills.’*

Parents from a wide range of backgrounds and family arrangements**, were interviewed as part of The Emotional Experiences of Early Parenthood project*** about their experiences of becoming a parent. In their findings, ‘many felt that, as a parent-to-be, they had been too focused on pregnancy and childbirth,’ and ‘most parents interviewed described having “unrealistic” expectations about baby behaviour, particularly in relation to crying, sleep patterns and feeding.’


Parents were often surprised to discover a new baby placed their relationship with their partner under strain. Many parents were distressed by the difference between their expectations and experiences of early parenthood. Some described feelings of anger, anxiety and resentment towards their babies, guilt or a sense of failure.


But there is good news...

‘Those for whom becoming a parent held few “surprises” described less distress'

Explore your Parent Education options by getting in touch. You can also book a call with Suni, founder of HumanHQ®, in which she will be thrilled to answer all of your questions and ease your concerns.

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* Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish

** Including single parents, adoptive parents, parents through surrogacy, same-sex parents, parents in blended or step families and parents who had experienced IVF


We work in partnership with expectant parents, parents of children 0-7 year of age and individuals wondering if parenting is right for them, through personalised Parent Education/ Child Development Expertise. We work with school and organisations leaders to promote children’s rights and needs.

Our Vision

Every child and parent in this world empowered, valued, accepted, acknowledged and completely thriving and in love with life.

Our Values

We promote the understanding that how we value children has a direct impact on our regard for them, our behaviour towards them, the priority we give their rights and needs, and the lives they experience. We are fierce parents' and children's champions.

Our Commitment

We are an evidence-informed, evidence-inspired and evidence-based organisation using the latest scientific research as well as working with innovative, revolutionary and creative thinkers-experts in their field to support families in raising healthy and thriving human beings. To design fabulous family lives.

The best way to predict your future when you’re in the
unknown, is to create it and it’s only when you’re in the
unknown, when you’re in that void, when you get outside
of your comfort zone and the known – if you can begin to
become comfortable with it, that the magic happens…

​Dr. Joe Dispenza, researcher, educator, international lecturer and 
NY Times best-selling author

We are here to support you.

We will help you lay out the foundation for starting a family on the right foot taking into consideration your specific circumstances and family structure. if you'd like to talk to Suni about your family situation, just click on the button below.


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