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All Children One Heart

Updated: May 1, 2020

As humanity, we are going through an unusual time - most of us have been in confinement and self-isolation.

But, how are children viewing and experiencing this pandemic? (ESPAÑOL)

This generation of children will be unified from this very unique experience, and our intention is to provide a space in which children can express and share:

  • their points of view,

  • their feelings,

  • their inner, and

  • outer worlds

As parents, as adults, as society, we will have a rare glimpse into seeing and hearing children from around the world, communicating their very own understanding of what’s happening.

Also, what they may be perceiving from their caregivers.

Join us and let us unify through children!


In 4 easy steps (infographic image below with details):

NOTE: Don't worry about the photo or the expression not being ‘perfect’ or ‘pretty’. We want REAL, we want spontaneous, we want candid, we want your child's point of view!

For examples, and to follow this campaign, go to All Children One Heart Instagram account #ChildrenInThepandemic #AtravesdelosOjosdelosNiños #AllChildrenOneHeart

To send your child's chosen 'creative' expression, and/or photo, email us on


  • We will never post your child’s name, nor their city of residence or address, for security reasons. We will only post their country.

  • If you prefer your child's photo not to appear on the Instagram account, you can choose to send their creative expression in a different form (e.g. a drawing).

  • We will never share your personal details, nor child/ren's, to a third party without your consent.

  • The creative expression / photo you share with us will be uploaded on the Instagram account.

  • The video we will be creating - to bring more awareness to children's points of view - will include photos of children. We will ask for your permission to use your child's photo/expression before including them.

  • It is your choice whether you'd like to share and tag your child’s photos and expression on your own social media forums.

  • For any questions please contact us on


PATY WALLACE-LIZAMA: Paty is an advocate of love and consciousness, and passionate about spiritual and personal growth. She's the founder of Surfing Butterfly, “The Healing Wave”. A space for you to access insights and steps to start your own healing journey.

Her passion is to inspire and share that it is possible to live the life you deserve - by thinking 'out of the box' and connecting with your inner self. Also through higher frequencies and the wisdom of plants.

In the last decade, Paty has been educating people as a Holistic Coach and mentor, for personal development. She's has also been researching the new scientific research field of Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics.

IG @Surfingbutterfly

Facebook @Surfingbutterfly

SUNI SÁNCHEZ: Suni is a fierce champion of parents and children. She’s the founder of Human HQ® - a mission-driven enterprise supporting families to thrive in life.

She works as an independent Family Dynamics and Early Childhood Researcher, and is a best-selling parenting author.

Her book Welcome to Parenthood: How to design a fabulous family life lays the foundation to build a strong and healthy relationship between child and parent from day 1, by providing scientific and practical tools, resources and information.

IG @_humanhq

Facebook @HQhuman

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