My inner freedom

Suni's article was featured in Robet Kirby's newsletter Heartfelt Brilliance.

My inner-ride to knowing myself, both deeply and consciously, began when I left Mexico, still a teenager. I wanted to take a good look ‘inside’; to observe the beliefs, habits, concepts, emotional reactions, fears, and my absolute ‘deal-breakers’ ~ the values I’d never compromise. Frida Kahlo, the artist and fellow Mexican, once said, ‘I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. And the subject I want to know better.’

I fell in love with being vulnerable

This ‘inward-observation’ took the form of studying eastern and western scriptures, philosophy, and medicine books, starting in childhood. As a 10 year old, I absolutely loved spending hours sitting, reading, trying to comprehend complex (perennial) concepts. As a teenager, I did counselling and psychotherapy. But, it was not until a few years ago, living here in Sydney, I took the plunge ~ doing a three-day ‘transformational retreat’ with Heartfelt Brilliance. Over those three days, I fell in love with being vulnerable and feeling raw; connecting with a deeply moving, delicate kind of beauty. The retreat required me to go places I hadn’t been in years; to visit the pain underneath my functional surface. Such deep self-exploration could cause fear for some, and most likely, there’ll be a period of feeling vulnerable, feeling like losing your footing ~ it can definitely be uncomfortable, but the retreats are called ‘transformational’ for a very good reason! For the first time, I saw self-development through a different lens ~ rocket ship like ~ I have all the equipment, all the technology, I was ready for blastoff, but had no fuel. All those old wounds, emotional pain, misconstrued, limiting beliefs, were dragging me down, stopping me reaching space and beyond. My work with Robert was the fuel line ~ a reconnection with source.

Are you still held captive to the past?

At the retreat’s end, after experiencing my process, I saw freedom in a new light: ‘You can be physically free, but is your mind and heart still in captivity?’ Are you held captive still to early life trauma, unhealthy habits and thoughts, without a breakthrough, creating even more constraints?" Those moments on that weekend, when I was courageous enough to be vulnerable ~ those moments of true surrender ~ delivered a hundred-fold reward, a true breakthrough. And now, I can make it to outer space, and inner freedom, and back again.

Welcome to Parenthood

Along this journey I have just recently published a book based on my personal observations and discoveries. A lot of the books and work of my contemporaries tend to focus on the technical, practical aspect of babies and parenting tasks ~ usually only covering the first few months or first year. This, of course, is very important ~ but what about the foundations for building a long-term, healthy relationship with your child once your child is changed and fed? What about being a parent? Welcome to Parenthood is a book that lays the foundation to build a strong and healthy relationships between a child and a parent as they travel through life together. It provides evidence-based, evidence-informed and evidence-inspired practical tools, information and resources in a non-judgemental, entertaining and very honest way. It’s the preparation first-time and future-parents will need to get ready for the most important job they’ll ever do - supporting them to grow into the confident, competent, and loving parent we all wish to be.


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