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The only manual to read before you have kids

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

This podcast interview with Suni was featured in Kinderling.

Suni Sanchez is a child development researcher who has written a series of books all about helping parents get their heads around what it really means to start a family.

Many of us don’t have the conversation about what kind of family we want before we have our kids, but Suni says it can make an enormous difference to the life you will lead.

Listen to the podcast

In this interview she explains what inspired the book, and why she thinks everyone can design the family life they want.

The first book of the series Welcome To Parenthood: How to design a fabulous family life is a joyful and simple look at preparing for family life.

Beyond the brand of wet wipes, thread count on muslin wraps, Suni explains the most important things to get across before you become a parent.

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