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WARNING: This are not just books. This is a complete roadmap that offers you the tools that you need as a parent. These books will empower you to give your child the best start in life!

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Welcome to Parenthood is Book 1 in a series of books by Suni Sánchez.

It offers first-time parents a recipe for preventing the key problems parents' experience and shows it is possible to have more highs than lows in parenting life.

This book addresses the steps you need to take to start designing your family life in a self-aware, conscious way, starting off on the right foot.

“Welcome to Parenthood: How to Design a Fabulous Family Life, is just that...warm and welcoming, and filled with wisdom ... reading it is like sitting down with a trusted friend, who offers understanding, shares her own challenges, and gently guides a grounded and inspired new way.” ~ Janet Lucy


The Mythical Parenting Manuals Now Exist.


Welcome to Parenthood is a book that lays the foundation to build strong and healthy relationships, between a child and a parent, as they travel through life together. It provides evidence-based, evidence-informed, and evidence-inspired tools, knowledge, tips and resources in a non-judgemental, entertaining, and very honest way. It's the preparation first-time, and future-parents, will need to get ready for one of the most important jobs they'll ever do - that of guiding another human being - and to grow into the confident, competent, and loving parent, we all wish to be.  

Welcome to  Parenthood is an online course too.


In this book, we explore The 4 Crucial Cs™ of Child Development: Care, Communication, Community and Creativity, as the foundation for self-worth, self-love, emotional intelligence, empathy, confidence, independence, creativity, resilience, well-rounded society integration, and healthy relationships, to name a few. It focuses on the first seven years of your child’s life, and life as a family. This is a roadmap to becoming a strong, empowered, happy, and successful family.

Note: The principles and contents of Book 2 are the basis for the online course: The Childhood CodeBook 2 is written though not officially published yet.


Here, we explore the minefield of behaviour, addressing the different methods of ‘control’ common in the world of parenting, from punishment (hitting, yelling, isolating) to ‘gentle discipline’ (which is broad but includes ‘redirecting’, for instance) to ‘positive consequences’ (bribery), and why they don't work. We redefine discipline, and explore the importance of a tailored approach to employing strategies and tools of a different kind.

Note: The principles and contents of Book 3 are the basis for the online courses: The Childhood Code and SOS for Family. Book 3 is written though not officially published yet.


This study addresses the hot topic of school education. What is the norm? What institutions are breaking new ground and challenging the status quo? What is best for your child’s development? How to choose the right school for your child? This is a pertinent look at the integral elements, and ideal environment for healthy learning and growing.

Note: An e-book of this study will be released in the near future. The online course The Childhood Code addresses school education. To be notified when the e-book is available, click here.

From My Publisher

"Welcome to Parenthood examines parenting as a social, emotional and even revolutionary activity. This book defines the 21st century family living space and seeks to see every child and parent in this world empowered, valued, accepted and acknowledged. Discover how to create a harmonious home environment where all members of the family thrive."

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