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My father, having being raised in a ‘military-type’ household, understood deeply the importance of involving us children in family matters. He was a pioneer in his own right, practising integrative/holistic medicine in México decades before it became an important practice* – and buzzword – around the world.


I grew up knowing my voice was important.

On the other hand, almost paradoxically, I didn’t feel safe to express my feelings nor fully be myself at home. My
individuality wasn’t acknowledged, nor validated; sometimes it was even feared. Looking back, I can see that my childhood was tinted with sadness, anger and anxiety.


Two important life events are burned into my memory. I know their lasting impression has motivated and inspired me in many ways, including in this, my life’s work.


The first happened when I was about eight. My dad took me to see one of his patients. It was a casual weekend home visit. The patient’s mum took us to her daughter’s bedroom and there she was, lying on a waterbed. She looked about fifteen and so peaceful. She couldn’t move at
all, nor talk.


My dad did some exercises and acupuncture with her. After some time, the girl was able to move her finger. This brought a smile to her mum’s face, not to mention a few tears.

But what I was focused on – what I couldn’t shake off – was the way my dad ‘treated’ her.

With the utmost respect.

That wasn’t the first time I had been with him during a consultation. I had seen him treating senior patients, teenagers, middle-aged men and women, children and babies. Every single one was treated with respect: that authentic acknowledgement of people’s rights, feelings and opinions. True acceptance. Total acceptance.


And their faces showed what a difference it made in their lives.


The next event was visiting an orphanage when I was about nine or ten years old.


After that visit, I was extremely drawn to what it meant to be an orphan, what it meant not to have a mother and a father. The kids I saw there seemed happy to me. I had a mother and a father, but I didn’t feel like I was accepted fully in the family for who I was, and who I wanted to be.

Loss, parental absence (physical and emotional), survival and happiness were concepts that fascinated me from a very young age.

After graduating from high school with honours, in México, I decided to put my degree on hold and give the University of Life a go. It was the best decision ever.


From eighteen to twenty-two, I lived in the USA, where I held various leadership roles in an international not-for-profit organisation. I did some traveling before I decided to move to Australia to continue my studies, where, having access to an in-house library at my job in Sydney, I devoured volumes on family and relationships, household and family structure, parenting, work and employment. The seed was further planted. I was twenty-three years old.


My interest in children’s empowerment, child development and family dynamics grew exponentially two years before I made the commitment to become a mum. Since then, for almost a decade, I’ve been studying the connection and patterns in parent-child relationships.


I founded Human HQ® – the umbrella that houses different initiatives for the empowerment of human beings and to effect a paradigm shift in the understanding of parenthood and family life.

In a nutshell:

  • I'm a fierce champion of parents and children.

  • I firmly believe that family is the one crucial structure in society that will ensure there is evolution in our human race.

  • My commitment to children’s empowerment took me to spend the last decade extensively and intensely researching family dynamics, early childhood and parent-child relationships and have found the recipe for enjoying our role as parents from day 1 without having to sacrifice anyone’s needs/ aspirations/goals and dreams and plans.

  • My ability lies in not only bridging worlds but integrating them.

  • I'm a practical visionary.

  • I'm the mum of 2 gorgeous boys, I live in Sydney, Australia with my cinematographer hubby, Brandon Batten.

I'm here for you.
Suni xo

*Our house was full of Eastern and Western medicine and philosophy books. I thought all doctors took into account the physical and emotional wellbeing of each patient, creating a personalised ‘course of action’. Whenever any of us got sick - though I have never, ever seen my dad sick in my whole life, not even a cold- he would not only look at the symptoms but at the 'sufferer' as a whole person. I woke up to a harsh reality when I left México.

Finally, The Mythical Parenting Manual Now Exists.

Welcome to Parenthood: This book considers important practical questions.


  • What is family?

  • Does physically giving birth make me a parent?

  • What is our job description?

  • Why are we – as humans – even worth sustaining?

This book addresses the steps you need to take to start designing your family life in a self-aware way, starting off on the right foot.

My Book

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